White Monkee Oz - Good Clean Fun!

ALL Squeaky Clean Monkees Fics, Macros, Art, etc. NO SMUT.

White Monkee Oz - Good Clean Fun! NO SMUT.
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Monkees fics, macros, art, pix, etc - All squeaky clean, NO SMUT.
This is the squeaky clean Monkees site - sister to it's evil twin "blue_monkees_oz".
If you DON'T like smut or erotic sex scenes, then this is the place for all things clean Monkees.
(IE: NO sex, No smut, No erotica, No bad language).
Clean romantic Monkees fics, Monkees pix, Monkee macros, Monkee art, etc.

*No Smut, No Erotica.
NOTE: Implied Love scenes (Straight or Gay) behind closed doors are fine also tasteful love scenes are fine.
Just add a warning in the titles.
(EG: Warning - This fic may contain Male/Male 'bonding' OR Female/Male disneyfied love scene.)

Keep it clean using plenty of euphemisms.

Love is Love regardless - Male/Male as well as Female/Male.

*No bad language.

NOTE: Cussing is an inevitable part of life so cussing is OK provided its either 'Disneyfied' or hidden.
Just add a warning in the titles. (eg: Warning May contain Disneyfied or hidden cussing.)

EG DISNEYFIED cuss: dag-nab-it, bugger, shoot, Damn, Fooey, etc.

EG HIDDEN cuss: J**** C****t, G*d, holy-Mother-of-G*d, son-of-*****, F@#$#$%$#%$!

*No flaming.

Keep it nice - no flaming, etc.
Respect each other & if you can't say anything nice, then don't comment coz nastiness won't be tolerated.

If you DO LIKE explicit language, smut & slash (& you're over 18yrs), then head over to Blue Monkees Oz.

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